About Connor


“To play the blues, you really have to commit yourself to the tradition and heritage of the music. Connor is doing just that.” Music Promoter Sydney Arzt.

Hailing from Southern Delaware Connor Filicko grew up in a household that had a belief in the divine importance of listening to music. When Connor was introduced to artists who influenced The Rolling Stones or Steve Winwood, his infatuation with the blues, especially harp, skyrocketed around the age of thirteen. Connor’s father began bringing Connor to local music venues where he got lessons and experienced playing with professional musicians. At the age of sixteen he released his first album.

Connor graduated high school in June 2015. He will be starting college classes this fall at the University of Delaware. Along with writing and performing music Connor works for the Premier Center for the Arts Delaware as a lights/sounds technician and camp counselor; he is also a certified water safety instructor teaching swimming lessons to children throughout the year.

Along with his passion for music, Connor is passionate about the world and international affairs. He embraces the unique and commends art. He recognizes soul and spirit and personality. He believes that there would be no individualism without different backgrounds and that without the influence, understanding, or respect of different cultures one cannot further themself as a human being.

In Connor’s eyes music is more than invisible vibrations delivered from the instrument to the eardrum. Music is art; it's a depiction of the artist's emotions at their most empowering moment. There’s nothing he enjoys more than to be caught in the middle of the groove, playing tight in the pocket where every single note is a gut punch to the soul.


Connor plays Marine Band Deluxe and Blues Bender harmonicas by Hohner. He appreciates their ease of playing and the warm sounds produced by those harps. Connor owns an array of custom made harp mics which are compatible with his Vox Night Train speaker and cabinet complimenting his playing with the smooth sound of a tube amp. Connor's other tube amp is a 50 Watt Vox Valvetronix with the custom classic Vox mesh grill.
When Connor ventures into guitar he plays the Eclipse Koa by Prestige, a fantastic acoustic guitar and winner of Guitar World Magazine’s Platinum Award for quality and design. When it comes to electric Connor plays a 50th anniversary Fender Stratocaster. Connor's third guitar is handcrafted out of a Vasco de Gama cigar box and electrified making it perfect for gritty slide. Finally, when Connor does solo sets he uses a custom Mead Guitars stomp box to engage the audience with rhythm.